Public Liability Insurance in Melbourne and across Australia from imar Insurance

W. Warren
John, once again, I cannot thank you enough for your responsiveness and understanding. We could not have done this without you and compared to your competitors I can share that you are miles ahead in terms of your customer service.
On behalf of Jock and I a BIG THANK YOU!!!!
S. McDougall
G’day Andrew, thanks for all your help. It’s been a real pleasure to deal with both yourself and your group.
C. Leporati
Rikki, Dad and I appreciate the negotiations regarding flood and the work rate you undertook on our behalf.
L. Murphy
Thankyou for all of your help sorting out my insurance and some of the crews insurance. I also received the tatts tickets and scratchies you sent me as a thankyou for referring some business to you – I had a small win on the scratchies – so thanks!
C. Ho
Thankyou so much John for your time and patience. I’ve started recommending you to my colleagues that are in the same situation as me.
C. Stampoultzis
Vanessa, you star – thank you and you know what if I have a daughter I will name her after you!
L. Cooper
Haley, thank you very much for all of your help, your service has been much appreciated.
B.W of Mornington Vic
I have all of my insurances handled by Emma at Instrat & imar and she is fantastic! As a beauty therapist, I have no idea when it comes to insurance and she makes it so easy to understand and ensures I have everything covered.
Client from Mt Martha, Vic.
New business insurances handled by John. I emailed the company with an enquiry. Was called back straight away and within a couple of hours, have everything done and started. Can’t ask for better service!
Client from Erskine Park, NSW.
Leta has been awesome. Was referred to imar by my dad, came out the cheapest quote with the most to offer. Looking forward to further experiences.
L.B of Rowville, Vic
My insurance was organised very quickly and at a great rate. Excellent service. We will definitely be using this service again and again.
G. Peloza
Imar handles all my families personal insurance services, home and contents and four motor vehicles. Low cost insurers provide ordinary services when you need to claim, then they charge you higher premiums. Imar have chased down the best policy to suit my requirements which might not be the cheapest but the policies provide the best cover for the price. Imar also provide a superior service compared to the insurers when you need to make a claim.
T. Watson
Insurance services provided by imar were professional, understanding and down to earth. And they seemed to know what they are on about – which is a breath of fresh air compared to others.
T.B of Newport, Vic
Imar listened to what my insurance needs were, and then provided a solution at a very competitive premium (including all the bells and whistles).
I have used imar for travel, car and home insurance and always experience prompt courteous service and have no trouble recommending this company to family and friends.
C. Mangano
Tom, you are the best! You guys are amazing at Instrat, seriously.
R. Taylor
Adon, many thanks for your assistance with this claim. I cannot fault your efforts in this matter and I’m pleasantly surprised with your advocate position.

P. Voutier
Hi Laura, I would like to thank you personally and Instrat for your efforts in achieving insurance cover for my casual employee. One of the biggest hurdles employers and willing but underfunded potential employees face is the costs of getting a start in any kind of industry. Most organisations I work for demand that all persons on site have public liability cover. It is all very well for them to say that but the grim economic reality of this is that most students who have just finished courses don’t have the funds to cover such contingencies. Consequently many of them give up without ever getting the opportunity to train further in their particular field of interest. Once again thank you very much – you have made one young man very happy (and one a bit older too!).
D. Pilco
Thanks again for your help Shaun, you are a very efficient guy.
M. Brown
Luke, you’ve been incredibly helpful over the years and we’re more than happy to recommend you to our friends / other colleagues.
B. Hart
Thanks Pat. You make the whole process very easy for me and would have no problem recommending you. It’s hard to find good brokers, you are in my top two (the other being my vehicle finance broker)!
A. Cecchin
Thankyou very very much Shaun for doing this for me. You are excellent!
E. Tee
Thanks Anna. Swift and professional as always.
S. Smith
Emma you are a lifesaver! Thank you so much. No wonder I always recommend Instrat and imar to my friends! You are all the best!
P. Farrow
Cheers mate, thanks for the quick and excellent service!
A. Goehring
Tom you are a hero!! Thank you very much!
J. Ryland
Rosemary, just wanted to thank you for making the process so easy! 
You have been wonderful to deal with and your help is exceptional.
P. Stroud
Once the Assessors had inspected the car, the process of authorising the quote and repair itself was pretty quick. Oh and please pass on my thanks to the friendly folk in your claims team . . . very helpful!!
L. Coco
Vanessa, thanks for all your help. I have given your details to a business associate and told him how easy you made things for me. Will also advise others about my experience dealing with you . . . wonderful!
L. Chudleigh
Thankyou so much Anna. You are very efficient!
Thanks Anna, you are amazing; really appreciate your polite, professional and prompt help.
P. Lynch
Tom, Kim has passed on to me her appreciation of the attention to detail and general advice that you have and continue to provide us here at Lynch Scott and I want you to know that it is gratefully appreciated.
S & R Sulimani
Many thanks for your support and advice through this year. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to contacting you in the future with new projects in mind.
W & G Nicol
Pat, just to thank you and your team for looking after us so well and for getting the claim through, and so quickly.
C. Taffe
We would like to thank Instrat and Imar for their generous support to charities Xmas Gift. It’s a reminder to us to be thankful and grateful for we have in our lives, and is an important and valued way of life for us as well to give this kind of support to others. Thankyou for all your help and support throughout the year for our Business Insurance. Wishing you and your Family a Happy and restful Xmas, and all the best for 2014.

D. Perry
Thankyou very much for all your help with these items, Leta. You have made the whole process very easy.
K. Baird
I wanted to thank you so much for the lovely card with the scratchies and lotto ticket you sent us after we referred a friend to you for their insurance. That is so lovely of you. You have helped us out so much we are more than happy to splash your name around to whoever will listen to us. Thanks again Emma.
G. Della Valle
Tom, just wanted to say a big thankyou for getting that organised so quickly. I really appreciate it!
S. Hunt
Your customer service has been outstanding Pat and we have enjoyed working with you.
B Sharp
Anna, thank you very much. You’re a star!!!
S. Attard
Thanks Anna for making it so easy. You’re a legend!
M. Greenwood
Thankyou so much for your help. Sheryl your service is remarkable and I will be recommending imar to all.
R Izzard.
Thanks again for all your help John. You did a great job!
D. Parker
Thanks John, really appreciate your professional approach and quick turnaround time.
D. Boulton
Leta, I would sincerely like to thank you for all your assistance, it is greatly appreciated. I will not hesitate to recommend you.
Thanks Anna, you’re really awesome at your job!
L. Jenkin
Thanks Emma,
It’s been great to have you consulting for us. Not only are we now confident the business is appropriately covered with a more comprehensive policy, but the bus and both cars as well.
It’s a lovely feeling not to have to worry about protecting our investments, and knowing you will be in contact with regular reviews is a professional service I wish we had have received previously .
P. Karagiorgos
Thank you for all your assistance. I had a positive experience dealing with this organisation and found everyone to be very professional and helpful. I would recommend you to others.
Rosemary you are by far the MOST efficient person I have EVER dealt with. Many thanks.
S. Taylor
Thanks for your assistance Emma. You cottoned on to what I was trying to get across very quickly, were patient and a great help.
imar have been of great assistance.
A Deerson
Leta, thanks again for your assistance, I look forward to having a long-term business relationship over the coming years.
I sincerely value liaising with such an experienced manager such as yourself! Your customer service and attention to detail was fantastic above all, but your communication and your ‘can-do!’ attitude is what makes a winning and sustainable business.
I will certainly be a committed client for many years to come. I hope you are greatly acknowledged within your workplace and wish you all the best with your professional endeavours.
M Stevens
Keep up the great work that you do for our business.
I wish to express my gratitude to you for all your effort today.
Thankyou for your patience and professionalism in a task that had a ridiculous deadline, which I feel you absolutely smashed out the park. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you, and I will most definitely consider imar for future business ventures as well as any referrals that come my way.
You most definitely are an asset to your company.
Thank you very much for your prompt turn around and fabulous service, its greatly appreciated. It’s been a pleasure.
I would just like to say a quick thank you to you both for the time and assistance offered to me while organising our insurance. Never has it been so enjoyable an experience! Definitely has made listening to radio ads pay off! Thank you very much.
A. Vescio
It is most beneficial to find someone to help in streamlining all the different aspects of insurance which need to be addressed.
A. Vescio
It is most beneficial to find someone to help in streamlining all the different aspects of insurance which need to be addressed.
F. Hickey
Excellent people to deal with. Very good people skills.
J. Dunn
Many thanks for your much appreciated expertise, help and attention with the policy. I feel confident in the knowledge and guidance you have given us over the past few weeks, not only with our home insurance, but also the business insurance. Thanks once again.
N. Holmes
May this letter express our appreciation for the high quality of professional advice and guidance you gave us, over the entire period of arranging and administering our comprehensive insurance polices. Whenever we are in business again, we certainly will look no further than towards your name.
P. Donelan
I am writing to thank you in regards to my stolen watch. Your speedy and generous response turned what was a very unhappy situation into just a minor concern.
Z. Gu
I have been using your services for all of my insurance needs and I am extremely pleased with your service. Your organisation has truly exceeded my expectations.
K. Baker
Thanks Leta for your very prompt and efficient service – it is a nice change from the previous organisations we have dealt with.
D. Coleman
Just a short note to thank you for your promptness, help and courteous manner in which you handled my enquiry in regard to my Public Liability Insurance cover.
P. Briggs
You do a great job Instrat.
A. Gyles
You are to be commended on both your professionalism and attitude towards your work and your customers. After contacting various brokers throughout the country with little result I was pleasantly surprised to talk to someone who seemed to be genuinely interested in providing me with the correct product and all the information I needed to make such an important decision. It was your customer service skills, friendly nature and professional manner which convinced me that I should insure through your brokerage.
P. Hilzinger
What a pleasure to have a young lady speak positively and clearly throughout the conversations I had with her regarding my prospective insurance cover. All of my questions were answered fully, and her good manners and courteous behaviour was appreciated very much. The whole process from initial enquiries, through to completion of the insurance provision and cover was undertaken by her in a professional manner with the information, emails etc delivered as promised and all in an honest and helpful way. Your efforts have certainly gained my personal “customer satisfaction”. I will have no hesitation in recommending your insurance brokerage to all of my martial arts associates and business owners.
J. Cardamone
Thankyou for your professional, prompt and superior friendly service. Your dedication and detail to customer satisfaction is second to none.
L. Hollingsworth
Leta, I deal with many people in the building industry and I struggle to find company representatives that are as efficient as you.
J. Peart
When I first spoke to Anna she was very polite and very willing to help me obtain the insurance I needed and even considering my circumstances which gave it a very slim outlook of me being able to gain any insurance Anna never gave up on me and because of her excellent tenacity and dedication to obtaining me insurance she came through with the goods and got me cover through QBE. So I would just like to end this statement by letting you know that out of all the people I spoke to regarding getting insurance, Anna was by far the most well mannered, dedicated and concerned person I had spoken to and if it wasn’t for her and your company I would have had to turn down a very promising career position. I will be highly regarding Instrat and especially telling them to personally ask to be helped by Anna due to her absolute genius ability to do her job and help people who otherwise would’ve been lost.
So from the happiest customer in the world I’d like to thank you Anna and Instrat for the impeccable service you deliver.
R. Green
Your team was friendly, customer responsive, following up without pressure. Your presentation was so simple I understood immediately what I was getting! I just felt that your team really was looking after my best interest whereas the bank was just processing more paper without any real interest!
D. Knights
We can tell from your notes and the phone calls you made to us and to Insurance Companies that you worked extremely hard on our behalf. We wanted to formally thank you for your excellent professional service. We have recommended associates of ours to imar over the years and with the excellent work you did for us this year, you can be assured we will continue to.
K. McSweeney
Outstanding in the execution of his job. Incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. It is so rare to deal with someone who is efficient and who has such wonderful customer service skills. He did everything he said he would and very speedily. It is also wonderful to deal with one person from start to finish.
K. Hall
Rosemary in less than 3 hours assisted me and insured me. Added to this excellence was the fact that my policy is pay by the month. So well done on having staff like Rosemary who alter the opinion of the general public regarding insurance businesses and their staff.
J. Bacolas
I’ve just got back into the office and discovered in my In Tray the certificate I requested. Thank you Leta for your immediate attention and response.
R. Newnham
Just a short note to thank Instrat / imar, in particular Rikki Johnston and yourselves, for all the help and fantastic customer service we received during the Black Saturday bushfires. The customer service we received from our account manager, Rikki Johnston, was fantastic. He was very sympathetic and went well beyond what he had to do to help us. The understanding and compassion you showed to us was tremendously heartwarming and comforting during an extremely stressful time. Thank you.
F. Erich
How professionally Ian handled it, couldn’t speak highly enough of the quality service, how quickly the claim was handled.
A. Smith
I appreciate your superb professional approach. Especially going the extra mile to provide quick, responsive support during the entire process. Anna, it is greatly appreciated.
L. Barclay
Leta, that was one of the best customer service calls I have ever received.
F. Batties
I know I gave a pretty tight timeframe and you have delivered one day early and saved us some money!
P. Mance
I am very happy to be a valued client of your business and would like to highlight to you the wonderful service provided by Rosemary. It was the knowledge that Rosemary displayed, the helpful information, along with the excellent premium price that convinced me to leave the previous insurance brokers.
C. Perrins
Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient attention in the processing of our insurance claim. After hearing many horror stories with regards to claims it was indeed a pleasant surprise to have our claim settled so quickly.
J. Loh
The professionalism from your reception through to Nick and the promptness at which Nick called back and his willingness to go out of the way to assist me with my query is nothing short of exceptional customer service. The people in the company often speaks louder than any sales pitch and if the above is a representation of your company culture and work ethics you deserve to be congratulated as one of the best I’ve seen.
J. Henshaw
Nothing is ever too much trouble. Luke does what I perceive to be endless research to ensure I get a competitive price but more importantly the most suitable solution.