Can you afford to be without your Tools?

Total Tools, Totally Covered.


If your tools were stolen, damaged due to flood, vandalism or an unforeseen event how quickly could you replace them and get back on the job?

Replacing your tools isn’t cheap – but what about all the jobs you’d have to turn down if you’re without your tools! That’s why it’s important to have the right cover to get you back on the jobsite fast!

For less than a $1 a day* protect yourself and your business from the financial costs of stolen tools!

  • Australia Wide Cover
  • Cover for your tools whilst in vehicles & buildings
  • Cover that Includes mobile phones, Laptops, GPS (Portable), Camera’s & hired in plant equipment

Minimum Tools Cover   $5000 for as little as $250.00 (Including GST & Govt Charges)
*based on average tools cover in Victoria.

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Call IMAR on the dedicated Total Tools Hotline 1300 268 939 or complete the quote form here and speak to Tradies Insurance Experts who understand your needs.

Additional Advantages of Insuring your Tools and Business with IMAR, The Tradies Mate.

  • Monthly premium payments at no additional cost
    Great for your cash flow.
  • No paperwork
    Because you’ve got better things to do.
  • Consistently Competitive Premiums
    So you save money year after year.
  • Fast and fair claim Settlements
    After all, that’s why you’re insured
  • $10,000 Tax Audit Insurance
    Because the ATO might target you. (Included in Public Liability cover)
  • No Dial B4U Dig Requirement
    Because oversights can happen (Included in Public Liability Cover)


*The cover, premiums and monthly payment options provided may vary depending upon your circumstances, claims history, Government charges and fees. Please contact our tradies team for a precise premium quotation on any of our exclusive tradies’ policies.

Comprehensive cover
Easy 'no paperwork' process
Pay your premiums monthly
Benefits tailored to your trade
Dedicated tradie experts
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