All your construction and warranty insurances, with just one call

With imar’s appointment by the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) as one of only six approved distributors of its Domestic Building Insurance (DBI) – also known as builder’s warranty insurance – we are able to continue to offer builders a complete insurance solution ranging from warranty cover through to covering every aspect of their construction risk.

This one-stop building insurance convenience extends across the country, with imar also providing builders warranty insurance in other states where such cover is a mandated statutory product for building contracts above a certain value.

The benefits of a dedicated client manager

Nick Willmott, leader of the imar builders team, sees numerous benefits for builders who place all their insurances through one broker.

“There is a real advantage to having one dedicated client manager who looks after every part of your business, because they can talk to you in a broad sense about all covers and risks, and provide advice based on a total understanding of your business. This applies to our clients across various states in Australia, including understanding their state specific Builders Warranty requirements (Vic, NSW, ACT, SA & WA).”

In addition, while most brokers only contact their clients once a year (when policy renewals are due), the personal approach taken by the imar builders team means every time a builder organises warranty cover for a new job, there’s a further opportunity for their client manager to better understand that builder’s business.

As exposures change, what does that mean for your insurances?

“Many of our clients operate family businesses. The more we know about the size of their business, their life stage and priorities – as well as their assets and liabilities – the more value we can add through applying our expertise.

We also look after many younger tradies that are just starting out on their own. As they move from being a subbie to being a principal, they have to know the way this will impact their insurance needs. And as many of these tradies are in the process of growing a family, income protection is also a really important consideration.

At the other end of the scale, we have industry veterans who are starting to slow down their business; perhaps just doing one or two jobs a year. Their situation and needs are different, and by taking a personal approach, we can ensure that they are neither over insured nor underinsured.”

By catching up with clients face to face, or through regular conversations when clients place warranty insurance for their next job, the imar builders team aim to work with you as though they are a part of your business, making sure your insurance matches your exposures, and that you’ve always got the right cover.

Find out more

For details on how imar can provide you with a total solution for all your building-related insurances, call us today on 1800 284 627, or pop your details into the form on our ‘Get a quote’ page.

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