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Insurance Policy

Bob Cat Operators

Our Contractors Plant Insurance policy covers your equipment that suffers any unforseen, sudden physical loss or damage from any cause.

Also no requirement for you to complete driver declaration forms.

The Package automatically covers your plant attachments whether attached to unit or not.

Here are another 15 reasons why our Package is unbeatable:

  1. Expediting Costs
    Covers expediting of repairs or parts.
  2. Multi Lifts
    Cover if two or more cranes share a lift.
  3. Accidental Damage to Goods Lifted (Hook Risk)
  4. Increased Cost of Working
    Covers the cost of replacement plant hire in the event of a claim.
  5. Loss of Revenue
    Covers financial loss caused by the interruption of your business that results from damage to your plant and equipment.
  6. Mechanical / Electrical Breakdown
    Covers mechanical, electrical and hydraulic failures and all resultant damage.
  7. Appreciation
    Covers escalation of the sum insured.
  8. Agreed Value
    Cover on agreed value basis. (A valuation from a registered valuer must be provided.)
  9. Recovery Costs
    Cover for recovery when no material damage occurs.
  10. Accidental Overload
    Covers damage caused by accidental overloading.
  11. Lease Value Protection
    Covers percentage of the gap between the market value and the financed payout figure in the event of a total loss.
  12. Lease Payment Protection
    Covers lease payments in the event of claim.
  13. Dry Hire
    Cover when machine hired out without your operator.
  14. Owners Protection
    Provides cover for the policy exclusions that would apply to you for the wilful or negligent acts of your employees that happen without your knowledge.
  15. Hold Harmless
    Protects you for damage caused by contractors, principals or Government Bodies that you contractually hold harmless.

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