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Concrete Manufacturers

 We have crushed the insurance companies, loaded a tonne of advantages and then dumped it all into one pile to create the imar insurace Package.

We are continually developing this cover in our yard to ensure the end product is the perfect policy at the best price.

Here’s some of the Package Advantages . . .

Many of these additional advantages are not included in standard policies

Accidental Damage

For example. Should you drop a piece of equipment, you are covered.


For example. Should your premises be entered with or without forcible and violent entry, you are covered.

Employee Fraud or dishonesty

For example. Should an employee steal contents or cash from your business, you are covered.

New for Old Cover on Buildings and Contents

For example. Should your property be damaged by fire, or other insured peril, it will be repaired / replaced as new

Locks and Keys Replacement

For example. Should your keys be lost or stolen, the cost of replacing the locks and keys is covered.

Prevention of Access

For example. Should access to your premises be prevented or hindered due to a fire or other insured peril in the vicinity, and as a result you lose income, you are covered.

The cover displayed may be varied depending upon your own circumstances and claims experience. The policy provides full details of covers and exclusions.

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