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Your home is your castle and as sure as knight follows day our policy will be there for you.

In addition to our standard covers such as fire, explosion, storm, earthquake, burglary, malicious damage, escape of liquids, glass breakage and so on, you are provided with the following advantages:


  • Accidental damage cover
  • Property owners liability
  • Emergency accommodation
  • No under insurance clause
  • New for old cover
  • Replacement of locks and keys
  • Fusion of motors with no depreciation up to 15 years


  • Accidental loss or damage cover
  • Personal liability (world wide)
  • Valuable, cameras, sporting goods etc covered anywhere in Australia and New Zealand
  • Temporary accommodation $20,000
  • New for old cover
  • Open air cover up to the contents sum insured
  • No under insurance clause
  • Fusion of motors with no depreciation up to 15 years
  • Loss of frozen food
  • Cash $1,500 and credit card fraud $5,000
  • Tools of trade $10,000 & business / office equipment $20,000


This class of policy has a Product Disclosure Statement which is available from our office. You should consider the statement when deciding whether to purchase the particular product.

The cover displayed may be varied depending upon your own circumstances and claims experience. The policy provides full details of covers and exclusions.

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