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We have many years experience in arranging insurance for the Import Export Industry and we realise that each business is unique.


  • The obvious main difference is the type of product that is imported or exported as each product has different insurance requirements.
  • Whether it is finished or unfinished.
  • The different countries you deal with.
  • The method of shipment.
  • The conditions under which it is shipped.

And so the list goes on. It is for this reason that you need expert advice and guidance. Our years of experience have put us in good stead to ensure we tailor your cover according to your needs.

Over the years we imported all the advantages from different insurance companies and exported out all the disadvantages to ensure that your Import / Export Package is one that you can feel secure with.

The cover displayed may be varied depending upon your own circumstances and claims experience. The policy provides full details of covers and exclusions.

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