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Transport Industry Insurance Policy

We have made a major commitment to the transport industry to ensure that the most up to date and comprehensive selection of covers is available.

Can your current policy include all of the following:

Choice of repairer

Guaranteed repairs

Agreed value option

Removal of debris costs

Lease payout even if higher than the value of your vehicle

Windscreen replacement

Reasonable costs of protecting and removing a vehicle damaged in an accident

Hire of replacement vehicle following theft

Towing costs

Australia wide claims service so that claims are handled locally for your convenience

Accommodation expenses

Sign writing

Non owned vehicle liability

Completion of journey costs

Driver accident benefit

Additional vehicle automatically covered for a period

Replacement vehicle in the event of a total loss within 2 years of registration

Third Party Liability

This class of policy has a Product Disclosure Statement which is available from our office. You should consider the statement when deciding whether to purchase the particular product.

The cover displayed may be varied depending upon your own circumstances and claims experience. The policy provides full details of covers and exclusions.

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