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This new 'tradie marketing toolbox' gives you ALL
the tools you need to set your business up for record Profitability & Growth. It's the ...
imar PROFIT BUILDER toolbox
"Marketing Secrets for Success Driven Tradies"
How specifically will this Toolbox help YOU?

To answer that question, you only have to look at the armoury of 'marketing weapons' in the 4 tightly packed modules ...

Module ONE:

Module 1 is an instructional DVD that gives you a radical new 'success mindset' and then reveals a little known business profit builder formula with the potential to explode your profitabilty. Even though this 'formula' is really simple, hardly ANY businesses know about it! It focuses you on just THREE areas to improve in your business... Just three.

As you work with it, you'll discover that making even the tiniest improvements in these three areas impacts massively on your profits.
When you put a pencil to this profit multiplier with your own business numbers, you'll never look back! You'll be driven with ways to boost your profits year upon year. And Module ONE is just the starting point!

Module TWO:

Module 2, (like the remainder of the modules), is a CD. Supported by notes and templates in your workbook, it gives you critical 'how tos' for creating more value and gaining competitive advantages in your business:

Module THREE:

This CD and workbook training manual form a complete, tradie-specific Telephone Training System. Now, you may ask ... why is having a telephone training system such a critical part of boosting your profits? Very simply, it will empower you (in fact anyone who handles phone enquiries for you) to skillfully and seamlessly win more work on the telephone. When you see just HOW much business is being LOST from the telephone enquiries that come through now, it'll make your skin crawl! THAT's why these skills are like gold nuggets in your pocket. You'll have the complete 'skill set' to turn that around. You'll discover:

Module FOUR:

Module 4 is where you start to turbo-boost your business through effective sales and marketing strategies. Starting with actively driving leads to your business through referrals and online marketing. Not just any leads, but qualified leads.

In the 'open market', you'd pay $2,970 for this program (and it'd be massive value) ... but as an imar Client, you can get the entire program for just $695!
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You've read this far, so one thing is clear ... you ARE SERIOUS about setting your business up for unprecedented profit and growth ... and breaking free of the struggle to get ahead in a tough business environment. That's a major step forward!

All that remains is ... WILL YOU IMPLEMENT IT?

Just as your tools of trade now only work when you put a hand to them, these tools must be put to use. The imar Profit Builder Toolbox will not do it FOR you. And yes, you'll have to invest some time working with these tools ON your business. But the payoff is potentially MANY thousands of dollars.

And importantly, the rewards are far more than just dollars in your bank account. By setting your business up to run more smoothly and predictably, you get your life back! You'll have more time with your family. You'll be able to buy that boat, take the family on their dream holiday ... play golf more often!

You see, this is about reclaiming your lifestyle, and reaping the rewards of your hard work. What more can we say! The opportunity is right at your fingertips. It's up to you to grab it now ... and to reap the rich rewards for years to come.

But wait! Yes, there's more! Your SPECIAL BONUS!

By grabbing this imar Profit Builder Toolbox opportunity right NOW, you'll receive an added special bonus ... "Off The Tools ... And Business Is Booming!" - a specially recorded CD mini-program with an extraordinary business operator, Tas Moulis. Tas owns a painting business. On this specially recorded interview, he shares with you step-by-step:

What makes this specially recorded, mini business program so powerful, is that it's a tradie talking to tradies. The challenges Tas faced and overcame are EVERY tradie's challenges. And he doesn't just talk 'hot air' ... he gives a heartfelt accurate and detailed account of exactly how to achieve the outcomes he has achieved. This special bonus program is like a fist full of diamonds to anyone wanting to succeed in business. To a fellow tradie, it holds life-changing messages that are compelling and unforgettable.

To get this special bonus program entirely FREE, order your imar Profit Builder Toolbox NOW!

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If at this point, you have ANY doubts whatsoever that this small investment in the imar Profit Builder Toolbox has the potential to revolutionise your business and give you your life back, then here's our guarantee to you.

If it doesn't do everything we say it will, then at the end of twelve months of you implementing the strategies, we'll refund you the purchase price in full.

Naturally, YOU need to demonstrate how you implemented and used the four modules, and allow Chris Newton the opportunity to assist you to GET results in your business (at no fee). If at that point, we can't demonstrate that this program will pay for itself at least five times over for you, you simply return the program and we'll happily refund you 100% of your purchase price.

How fair is that!

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