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Motor Mechanic Insurance fine-tuned for your business

From specialist tools and equipment through to potentially life-saving work on your clients’ vehicles, motor mechanics have very specific needs when it comes to insurance and public liability. At imar, we’ve fine-tuned our cover for motor mechanics to help keep your business running like clockwork.

Cover for Faulty Workmanship

Sometimes things don't go to plan. While standard insurance policies exclude cover for faulty workmanship, with imar, our insurer has taken out that exclusion. So if, for example, you incorrectly installed a part or completed a repair that later caused damage, you'd be covered for liability.

Driving risk cover to suit your needs

Our driving risk extension can have you covered for up to $100,000 for damage caused by negligence while driving your customers' vehicles. We can also offer options that include full composite cover for Driving Risk, under specific Motor Trades solutions.

Cover for subcontractors

If you employ sub-contractors in your workshop, rest assured they're covered for injury at work. Additionally, our Vicarious Liability inclusion means you're covered if you're included in a legal action as a result of a sub-contractor's negligence.

$10,000 Tax Audit Cover

If you're targeted for a statutory tax audit, our insurer will have you covered for up to $10,000 for accountancy fees, charges and expenses which could be incurred preparing for the audit.

Specialist workshop, tools and equipment insurance

imar can cover your workshop, tools and equipment with insurance options designed specifically around the needs of motor mechanics and their business.

To the extent that any material on this page may be considered advice, it does not take into account your objectives, needs or financial situation. You should consider whether the advice is appropriate for you and review any relevant Product Disclosure Statement and policy wording before taking out an insurance policy.

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