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With our Roofers Insurance, Roofing Contractors look after the roof and we'll look after the rest

At imar we take pride in providing public liability cover tailored to the specific needs of individual trades. For roofing contractors, we leave less out and put more in so you can get on with the job with confidence that we’ve got you covered.

Unlimited height cover

While many insurers have a two storey or 10 metre height restriction for external work, we can cover your domestic, commercial and industrial work without any height restrictions.

Consumer Protection Warranty for Victorian licensed roof plumbers

Our policy can include the Consumer Protection required for roof plumbers in Victoria to comply with government licensing requirements.

No Subcontractors Exclusion

We know how important subbies are to many roofing businesses. That's why we'll cover your subcontractors for injury on the job. You'll also have the benefit of our Vicarious Liability inclusion which means you're covered if there's legal action due to the negligence of your subcontractor.

Cover for result of Faulty Workmanship

Things don't always go to plan. If, for example, incorrectly laid tiles mean water leaks into a roof causing damage to a property, you'll be covered with imar.

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