Why Builders get Tools Insurance to Cover Power Tools

June 25, 2020

In the competitive field of construction, power tools affect a tradie’s performance and productivity. Having the right power tools not only makes the job more efficient, but also reduces work-related injuries.

The power tools you use also help project yourself as a high-quality builder. The question is, how do you select the tools that will help you finish the project more efficiently while maintaining safety?

Getting Comprehensive

You want to tackle varying kinds of projects to do the job more efficiently and cater to different types of projects. To do so, you’d want to have a comprehensive set of power tools, including the essentials like:

  • Chainsaw: This universal power tool is used mostly for cutting and light pruning.
  • Drills: These tools help cut circular holes more quickly.
  • Lathes: A lathe rotates a workpiece so you can focus your attention on cutting, drilling, sanding or other tasks.
  • Nail Guns: A handy substitute for the traditional hammer, nail guns manoeuvre and push out nails onto wood and other materials.
  • Torque Wrench: Compared to a conventional wrench, a torque wrench turns nuts and bolts more quickly.

Although the requirements for each project differ, having a comprehensive set of power tools helps you finish the task more rapidly and efficiently.

tools insurance

Going Cordless

Previously, power tools were cord-powered, forcing builders to deal with limited movement and the need for electricity and power outlets in an area. Cord-powered devices also pose safety hazards, requiring you to meet safety regulations.

Opting for cordless power tools gives you maximum freedom around the workshop, helping you finish the project more quickly. Going cordless also means that you prioritise safety, as you don’t have to worry about electrical safety issues. The lightweight nature of cordless tools, compared with cord-powered ones, lessens strain on the user as well.

Prioritising the Essentials

Just like any other product, some power tools have features that are nice to have but are not necessary for your project. Choosing tools that have features you really need – whether it’s the size or a specific level of power – shows that you prioritise only those functions that get the job done, allowing you to maximise your equipment.

Looking into Safety

Choosing power tools based on safety features mean you give special attention to workplace safety. Apart from considering safer versions like cordless tools, you’ve likely browsed the product description to learn more about the safety mechanisms in place. Although all power tools have very basic safety measures, choosing tools with additional features shows that you want minimal risks to injury in your job.

Power tools not only help you do your job as a tradie, but they also identify your priorities. Buying a specific device over another shows your customers what you consider important. And if something is not what you want as a tradie, it might be a good idea to switch to another tool.

Protect Your Power Tools Investment with IMAR’s Tools Insurance

As a tradie, your daily life on the job involves using different equipment and tools. With this comes many risks, most of which are out of your control – theft or damage by fire, flood or vandalism. Whatever the case, replacing these tools so you can get back to work comes with a hefty bill.

Protect your back pocket and recover your investment faster with IMAR’s tools insurance. Our cost-effective cover is personalised to the unique needs of your business.

Contact our experienced team, who will offer you exceptional insurance options that fit you and protect your investments.

Get a quote from our reliable insurance experts by calling 1800 284 627 or completing the quote form today.

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