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In the building game, the risks can be many – from workplace safety to carrying the costs of plant and machinery, keeping your business viable to delivering projects to deadline and budget. Not to mention the changing conditions of property and financial markets.

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At imar, we’ve been providing comprehensive insurance solutions for builders for over 35 years, so we understand the challenges and the risks. Our tailored Builders Insurance solutions take into account the nature and size of your business, along with the type and scale of your building projects to help minimise the financial impact of risks faced by your business.

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Our experienced builders team will take the time to understand the nuts and bolts of your business before we recommend customised cover that may include products from across our range of policies.

Protect yourself

Personal insurance can provide income replacement or lump sum payments for a range of events that meant you were unable to keep earning an income, either permanently or for an extended period. They’re an important foundation for protecting your family’s financial future. imar will be pleased to talk about which policies may be most appropriate for you. Cover can include:

  • Injury and illness insurance or income protection, to offset loss of income due to injury or illness, at work and away from the workplace
  • Total and permanent disability insurance, if you are permanently or seriously disabled as a result of illness or injury
  • Term life insurance, looking after your beneficiaries if you die
  • Trauma insurance, if you are diagnosed with a specific non-pre-existing illness or condition.

Protect your assets

Whatever the size of your building business, you’ll know that a big part of your bottom line and the value of business assets is tied up in tools, machinery and construction equipment. With the high cost of replacement, it simply makes sense to have the right cover in place, so in the event of damage, loss or theft we can get you sorted fast so you can get on with the job with a minimum of downtime. Asset and property protection solutions include:

  • Plant, machinery and tools insurance to cover loss due to fire, flood, theft, malicious damage and other unforeseen events
  • Cover for damage or theft of equipment and materials during a construction project or contract.

Protect your business

You don’t need us to tell you that the Australian building industry is highly regulated by both federal and state governments. Compulsory builder insurance covers are a key part of those regulations and these have been designed to protect your business, your workers and your clients. imar can help with the cover you need:

  • Public and products liability insurance to cover third party personal injury and property damage as a result of a builder’s negligence

Builders warranty insurance, also known as home warranty insurance, is mandated in most states. It provides protection for home and building owners in the event you die, disappear or your business goes into receivership before you have finished their project

Builders construction insurance is a comprehensive solution that combines your need for Public Liability, Construction, Tools and Stock and Injury and Illness insurance. Cover and premiums are tailored for your business.

A full list of defined events are included in the policy document. The imar Builders Insurance product is subject to the policy terms and conditions. Exclusions and sub-limits may apply.

You should consider if the insurance is suitable for you and read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), Financial Services Guide (FSG) and policy wording before making a decision to acquire insurance. Please ask us for more details before we provide you with our services.

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