Trades Insurance

— For over 35 year imar has insured trades with personalised cover that is easy, fast and paperwork free.

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Why do I need Trades Insurance?

In the case of public liability, it is strongly recommended you consider getting insurance because accidents happen and you need to protect yourself and your business if you injure someone or damage property due to your negligence and are held legally liable.

In the case of tool insurance, tools are stolen most days from tradies and it is not fair. It is highly advised to protect yourself from the potential loss and look into tool insurance to cover the items that get you an income.

In the case of injury and illness, it covers you 24/7, so if you injure yourself on the job site or on the footy oval, you are covered. It pays a weekly amount if your condition is covered, to safeguard you financially temporarily.*

*Please note, this is not income protection insurance.

Insurance Packages

At imar we can bundle tradies insurances in to packages to make your life simpler.

This means you have one package and payment to cover all your tradie insurance needs. At imar we can also create custom insurance for those who need builder’s public liability, contract works and cyber insurance. We source quotes from more than one insurance company, unlike going direct, so our solutions are more tailored to your business needs.

2-in-1 Package

Public Liability Insurance

Tools & Stock

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3-in-1 Package

Public Liability Insurance

Tools & Stock

Injury & Illness

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4-in-1 Package

Public Liability Insurance

Tools & Stock

Injury & Illness

Commercial Motor

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How much does tradie insurance cost?

Depending on what you want to cover tradie insurance can cost as little as $40 per month if you are a sole trader carpenter.

If you want to add tool insurance it can cost approx. $30 per month (subject to certain factors).

Other factors like age of person, age of vehicle, number of employees can affect the cost of a particular insurance policy, so it’s highly recommended you speak to one of imar’s experience brokers on 13 (IMAR) and press 1 to work out your tradie insurance cost.


Are my Tools Covered?

If you have a policy that covers tools and it is valid, then in most cases, your tools are covered and in most cases they are replaced quickly, as long as all supporting documents are provided. This includes if your tools are stolen from a bolted, locked tool box on your vehicle. Covering your tools with tool insurance might seem like a luxury however given how many tools are stolen on a daily basis, its closer to a necessity. We hear of too many, typically younger tradies, who lose their first tool sets because they didn’t think it was worthwhile to insure their tools.

Are Subcontractors Covered?

The liability policy covers your vicarious liability in relation to the actions of your sub-contractors. It is advisable that they think about their own insurance to cover public liability and tool at a minimum.

Is Tradie Insurance Compulsory?

Tradie insurance is not compulsory but highly recommended, especially public liability and tool insurance. It provides financial protection against risks you do not see coming or have planned for, so you can have extra peace of mind when concentrating on completing your job at hand.