Electricians Insurance

— Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial site, electricians are highly skilled and their jobs requires great precision and concentration. Electricians insurance can cover you when you are installing lighting to carrying out fault finding.

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Public Liability Insurance

Warranty inclusion for Queensland & Tasmanian electrical contractors

Tool Insurance

Accident and Injury Insurance

Commercial Motor Insurance

Tax Audit Cover

Contract Works Insurance

Goods in Custody During Transit

Result of faulty workmanship

Electricians Public Liability Insurance

Electrician’s jobs can take you to lots of places including private houses and business sites. Being on someone else’s property means public liability insurance for electricians or a self-employed electricians should be highly considered.

Accidents happen and electrician’s public liability protects you against claims lodged against you by a third party, a customer, the general public, your contractors and suppliers. It includes cover for third party personal injury, property damage and legal expenses in defending a claim.

imar electricians public liability insurance offers a choice of indemnity options for 5, 10 or 20 million dollars.

Warranty inclusion for Queensland & Tasmanian electrical contractors

In line with Section 51 of the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013, imar’s policy can include the mandatory $50,000 Consumer Protection Warranty required by Licensed Electrical Contractors.

Electricians Insurance for Tools

If your tools are stolen, you can’t do your job and the cost of replacing your tools can be expensive, so tool insurance for electricians should be highly considered. Quality insulated pliers, wire strippers, trusty screwdrivers and hacksaws are only a few of the tools that need to be insured in case they are damaged or stolen.

imar tool insurance covers your tools of trade, hand held tools, mobile phones, stock and customer’s property which are used by you in the normal course or scope of your business. Portable electronic goods like mobile phones are covered under tool insurance for electricians.

Tool insurance protects your tools or stock if they are stolen or damaged.  If your tools are stolen from a locked vehicle or premises, they are covered. If your tools are damaged by fire, vandalism and the collision or overturning of your vehicle, they are protected.

There are important limitations and conditions on cover, particularly where tools are stored and how they are secured; including a deprecation factor on insured values. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.

Subcontractors cover included

Our policies also include Vicarious Liability cover which means if you’re drawn into a legal action as a result of a subcontractor’s negligence, you’ll be covered.*

*Subcontractors require independent public liability insurance

Electricians Insurance for Accident and Sickness

While working on site or playing footy on the local oval, imar’s accident and sickness insurance (injury and illness insurance) covers you 24 /7. If you are accidently injured or suffer a covered illness and you can’t work for a temporary time.

Electricians Insurance for Commercial Motor

Motor vehicles like vans and utes are essential for electricians and can be covered by imar’s commercial motor insurance comprehensive policy, and as part of your overall electricians insurance. Fully comprehensive and 3rd party policies are available.

Tax Audit Cover for Electricians

imar will cover you for up to $10,000 of your accountant’s fees, charges, expenses which are reasonably incurred to prepare for any statutory tax audit on your behalf. Electricians may be targeted for audits, so at imar we want to minimise your risk.

Contract Works Insurance for Electricians

As an electricians, contract works insurance might be required to cover damage to the work you are doing while under construction from occurrences such as flood, storm, theft of materials and fire. This might require an additional policy and our friendly team can advise you further.

Cover for goods and materials in transit

If building materials or other goods are damaged while they’re under your control and being transported, imar has you covered. Your cover automatically includes $5,000 cover for Goods in your Physical Legal Control during transit – its added peace of mind for you and your clients.

Result of faulty workmanship cover

If your work is found to be faulty and results in 3rd party property damage, imar has you covered.

In Summary

Every trade has its specific skills and challenges, but as an electrician or electrical contractor, you know there are no shortcuts or make-dos when it comes to quality and safety. It’s the same approach we’ve taken to our electricians insurance with special inclusions and fewer exclusions designed around the specific needs and challenges of sparkies and their businesses.

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I shopped around and not only were IMAR cheaper but also so much easier to deal with. To deal with someone on the phone that listened, understood and found the right fit for my needs. I tried other companies on line but found it difficult and confusing. The personal touch made all the difference
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Easy to do online no annoying calls from call centre. Price was good previous insurer couldn’t get anywhere near quote certainty paid to shop around before renewal