3-in-1 Package

— For tradies who want to be covered against personal accidents at work or at home, you may want to consider the 3 in 1 tradies package as it includes personal injury and illness insurance (commonly known as accident and sickness insurance). The 3 in 1 tradies package also includes tradies public liability and tradies tool insurance and bundles them in to one neat bundle to give you security 24/7.

4.6 / 5

Tradies personal injury and illness insurance

(sickness and accident insurance) protects you financially whether you are injured at work or on the oval over the weekend. If you can’t work for a period of time due to that injury, it pays a weekly amount is payable whilst you are unable to work.*

Public Liability Insurance

Insurance should be highly considered as a must to go on many job sites. Public liability insurance protects you against a potential claim for personal injury or property damage from a third party.

* Third party could be the general public, your customers, your suppliers or your contractors and includes legal expenses in defending a claim.

Tools Insurance

It is another insurance that you should highly consider, as you can’t work without your tools.  In the unfortunate event your tools are stolen and you need to lodge a claim, Imar aims to get you back on your tools as soon as possible.  Imar tool insurance covers power tools, tools of trade, stock and customer’s property which are used by you in the normal course or scope of your business.

Tool insurance covers power tools, hand held tools, compressors, surveying equipment, mobile communication equipment, ropes, chains or tarpaulins, computers, notebooks, laptops, electronic diaries or GPS units.