Clean Break: A Guide to Launching a Successful Cleaning Business

July 20, 2020
Small Business

At a time where cleanliness and good hygiene are emphasised, it seems like a good idea to pursue your plan of opening a cleaning company. But before you start securing public liability insurance for your new cleaning business, you have to understand and highlight the factors that guarantee its success.

Define Your Target Market

The cleaning industry generally caters to two target markets: consumers and commercial clients. Direct consumers look for residential cleaning services. Commercial cleaning includes janitorial services, pressure washing, carpet cleaning and window washing services for commercial spaces.

You may choose to concentrate on either of these target markets and offer both part-time and full-time cleaning services based on your clientele’s needs. When you gain a solid footing in the industry, that’s when you expand your services to several markets. Alternatively, you can stay small and focus on serving the loyal clientele at your location.

Explore Your Financing Options

First-time business owners are likely to use personal resources at the start and earn it back through the business’s early profits. This isn’t the only way you can fund your new cleaning company, though. You have multiple financing options to purchase equipment, hire staff and fund daily operations.

Here are various ways you can fund your business for a stable opening:

  • Personal Assets and Resources

Make a detailed inventory of your savings account, credit line, real estate properties, vehicles and other investments. You might be surprised that your existing assets can actually fund your new business. You can either sell your assets or use them as collateral.

  • Business Partnerships

There is always strength in numbers. If you don’t mind sharing ownership of your new business with someone, consider a business partnership with a trusted individual who has sufficient resources. But make sure you agree on all obligations before signing an agreement.

  • Government Aid

The Australian government offers multiple grants, funding and support programs for new businesses. Browse through these programs to find which one you’re eligible for. Many of these programs also offer workshops and events that hone your business skills.

While we’re on the topic of finance, calculate your projected expenditure and profit for the first few months. List down labour costs, equipment expenditure and overhead expenses to determine suitable pricing packages for your cleaning services. Consider your competition’s pricing as well, and match that.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Once you’ve established your target market and finalised all finance-related concerns, it’s time to focus on your marketing strategy. This will greatly depend on your target market’s unique concerns. You can determine this by creating a market research on the cleaning problems they encounter and the reason for their dissatisfaction with other cleaners.

You’d also want to consider the best way to reach out to potential clients. Do they lean towards referrals? Or do they actively look for cleaning services online?

Finally, pay attention to your brand image. It’s easier to market your business when your website and marketing materials are informative and trustworthy, when your equipment is in good condition and, most especially, when your crew looks presentable and accommodating. It also helps to assure your clients that your business is backed by adequate insurance.

Get a quote for the right insurance for your new cleaning business today.

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