It’s Tax Deduction Time

June 25, 2017
Small Business

(AKA time for the tax man to help you purchase goods and services)

Everyone knows that the end of financial year is the best time to stock up on all the tools for your trade. Hardware and supply stores do their best trade in the weeks leading up to the 30th June every year. Not only is this the time when you can set yourself up for the next financial year but you’ll be able to claim the cost of these tools back on tax in July. Insurance is another great tool for a tradies business and it’s also tax deductable.

If there’s anything the past few months have shown us it’s that insuring your business and other assets is essential. You have no way of predicting if and when something might happen to you or your business. Insurance offers protection for you, your business and your lifestyle in the event of accidents, crime and natural disaster.

Making sure you get the right policy is just as important as getting cover in the first place. The best tip is to get your insurance through people who specialize in, and understand, your industry as this will ensure maximum coverage for your specific trade. Imar is the tradies insurance specialists and can design the perfect policy for your business.

Policies including Public Liability, Injury & Illness, Tools and Stock Insurance and even Motor Vehicle Insurance can be organized to protect you if something goes wrong. Imar shows they know about tradies and their businesses by offering, for example, monthly premiums and no paperwork. Imar knows that tradies appreciate cash flow and hate doing paperwork, particularly insurance paperwork.

So while you’re picking up your tools for the next financial year, make sure you insure them… and your business while you’re at it. That’s got to be much better than giving your hard earned money to the Tax Man!

To find out more about Imar’s tradie insurance call 1800 284 627

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