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Carpenters Insurance that works as hard as you do

As a carpenter you’re sure to take pride in the finer details of your work. That’s why we think you’ll appreciate everything we’ve included in our public liability insurance cover designed and built for the specific needs of chippies around Australia.

Cover for goods and materials in transit

If building materials or other goods are damaged while they're under your control and being transported, imar has you covered. Your cover automatically includes $5,000 cover for Goods in your Physical Legal Control during transit – it's added peace of mind for you and your clients.

Cover for your subbies too

While other insurers don't want to know about subcontractors, we know they're often essential to getting the job done. So with imar, your subbies are covered for injury on the job and also for Vicarious Liability. That means if you're drawn into legal action due to the negligence of a subcontractor, imar will have your back.

$10,000 Tax Audit Cover

Tradies are often targeted for tax time audits and the costs of meeting your statutory tax audits can soon add up. With imar, our insurer will have you covered for up to $10,000 of accountancy fees, charges and expenses that reasonably be incurred.

Result of faulty workmanship cover

Sure it will never happen to you, but just say you built a verandah that collapses causing third party injury or property damage, imar would have you covered.

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