How Tradies Should Protect Themselves

December 5, 2017

As a tradie, protecting yourself is important. But thinking about yourself usually goes way down on the priority list. Up top, there’s your family, your personal commitments, your workers, your business – including your assets and your liabilities. Then your friends, if they’re lucky, and they don’t go for the Tigers.

Tradies usually slot their own personal importance somewhere after all of that.

This may be the staunch thing to do, but it’s a mistake. Protecting yourself should take pride of place at the top of your priority list.

Here at imar, we know: we’ve looked after trades insurance for a long time now, seen the good and the bad. Protecting yourself should be numero uno. Here’s why.

If You Can’t Work, You Can’t Earn

And if you can’t earn, everyone on the priority list loses. So it makes sense to put yourself first. How do you do that? First, protect your exposures.

You could get injured or fall ill.

Your tools, equipment, business contents or stock could get stolen, or damaged.

Ask yourself what you’d do if this happened. If you’re not sure, it might be time to consider getting commercial insurance quotes and income protection quotes.

Protect Your Income

If injury or illness gets you, there are a few options you can consider to protect your income if you have to take extended time off to recover. First is income protection insurance. This is a form of personal protection one of our Financial Advisers here at imar can assist you with. It’s a quality cover, for the long term, offering excellent flexibility and protection.

Other options to consider are a more basic injury and illness insurance, and workers compensation, depending on your circumstances. Give our trades team a call to discuss your situation if you’re not 100% sure what you need.

Protect Your Assets

This could mean your tools if you’re on the road most of the time. It could mean your commercial stock and contents if you have a business premises. Or it might mean a more specialised equipment cover for electronics. Either way, you need your gear to work and earn.

If either of these two points strike a chord with you, then it’s time to look at income protection quotes and commercial insurance quotes. And there’s no better place to begin than with us here at imar. Give our trades team a call today for obligation-free discussion and quotation today.

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