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Every trade has its own risks and challenges and that’s why imar’s Window Cleaners Insurance has a range of specially tailored inclusions – many of which you won’t see in other direct insurance policies.

Faulty Workmanship cover

Here's cover you won't find on most standard policies. If, for example, you scratched a window while cleaning, we'd have you covered.

Unlimited height cover

While many insurers have a two storey or 10 metre height restriction for external work, imar can have you covered. For domestic, commercial and industrial work we offer cover for 2 Storey, 5 Storey or an option without any height restriction for high-rise window cleaners.

No Subcontractors Exclusion

Unlike other insurers, we'll have your subcontractors covered for injury on the job. Your cover will also includes Vicarious Liability, which means that if you're included in legal action as a result of a subcontractor's negligence, you are covered.

Tax Audit Cover

If you're targeted for a tax audit, the expenses of preparing for a statutory audit can add up to thousands. Our insurer will cover you for up to $10,000 of accountancy fees, charges and expenses that may be incurred.

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