Tools & Stock Insurance for Trades

— They don’t call them tools of trade for nothing. Without your tools or without your stock, getting on with the job can be impossible. Not to mention the expense of having to replace tools or stock. Imar Tradies Tools and Stock Insurance is designed to protect your back pocket and get you back on the tools faster.

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Theft from locked vehicles or premises

Damage by fire, flood or vandalism

Collision or overturning of vehicle

Hired goods up to $5,000

Mobile phones, laptops, portable GPS and cameras

What is Tool Insurance?

Tool insurance protects you for theft of tools or stock from locked vehicles or premises, and also has you covered for damage by fire, flood, vandalism and the collision or overturning of vehicles, conveying your stock or tools. If you ever need to make a claim, our team is on the job to get things sorted and have you back in business fast.

How much does Tool Insurance cost?

Tool insurance cost can be as little as $30 per month for an apprentice. Your occupation, value of tools, age, number of employees and revenue can affect the amount you pay for tool insurance.

Download our policy document for a full list of defined events and details of exclusions and sub-limits that may apply. The imar Tradies Tools and Stock Insurance product is subject to the policy terms and conditions.

Custom built cover

We understand that each business is unique and we can tailor insurance solutions to your business as we source from a range of insurers.

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